September 9, 2018

HIV: The Long View Report

The healthcare environment is evolving rapidly, and these changes have extraordinary implications for individuals living with or at risk for HIV.

The American Academy of HIV Medicine, Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC), HealthyWomen, National Council on Aging and the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, in partnership with Gilead and the Future Foundation, have come together to create the HIV: The Long View initiative. The common goal is to provide a long-term vision for better health of all people living with or at risk for HIV in the United States by investigating future healthcare trends in order to evaluate current implications, opportunities and challenges for HIV treatment and management.

This report developed five key healthcare trends – identified by the Future Foundation, an independent research organization – that are poised to transform U.S. healthcare over the next 20 years. These trends show where and how people, especially those impacted by HIV, deliver and receive health information and healthcare. The advocates in the HIV: The Long View Coalition further explored these trends in the context of long-term HIV prevention and care, to identify a range of implications.

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