October 2, 2017

Guiding principles for building soft skills among adolescents and young adults

Written by USAID and FHI 360

This post originally appeared on the FHI360 website. Reposted with permission.

This report identifies guiding principles and strategies that foster soft skill development among adolescents and young adults, ages 12–29, across different program contexts and youth characteristics. It shows the most basic methods that enable youth soft skill development and explains why they are thought to be effective. The report also describes ways that the guiding principles can be used in programs and activities in out-of-school as well as formal education contexts. The report addresses two main questions:

  • Are there common principles that have been successful in developing soft skills across different types of programs, target populations, and clusters of soft skills?
  • If common principles apply, how can they be used effectively in various programs in diverse settings?


USAID Youth Power Report cover

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