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GMNHC Social Media Kit

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The first-ever Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference will take place in Mexico City from October 18 to 21, 2015. The conference is a global forum to identify, understand and respond to the most urgent health needs of mothers and newborns, focusing on quality care, integration and equity. This toolkit includes resources and sample social media messages for partners and participants to engage in the conference.

Key Resources

Conference Hashtag: #GlobalMNH 

Related Hashtags: #momandbaby, #MaternalHealth, #NewbornHealth, #EveryNewborn, #post2015, #UNGA, #SDG, #MNHintegration, #GlobalGoals, #GlobalGoalsLive, #EWECisMe, #H4plus

Twitter Handles

Convening Partners @MCSPglobal, @HealthyNewborns, @MHTF, @SavetheChildren

Partners & Key related handles – @Jhpiego, @MerckforMothers, @UNFPA, @WomenDeliver, @gatesfoundation, @carlosslim, @UNICEF, @UnfEWEC@USAID, @USAIDGH, @HarvardChanSPH, @every_newborn, @FHI360@GirlsGlobe@JNJGlobalHealth, @GlobalGoalsUN

Key Facts  

  • In 2014 about 36 million births in low- and middle-income countries occurred with no skilled attendant present.
  • As global rates of under-five mortality have fallen, neonatal deaths now account for a rising proportion of the remaining burden of under-five deaths.
  • In 1990, neonatal deaths represented 40 % of global under-five deaths, compared with 45% in 2015.
  • Of the estimated 5.9 million child deaths in 2015, almost 1 million occur in the first day of life, close to 2 million occur in the first week; 45% of under-five deaths occur in the first 28 days of life.
  • Globally, there were an estimated 2.7 million newborn deaths in 2015, a decline of 47% from 1990.
  • Globally, there were an estimated 289,000 maternal deaths in 2013, a decline of 45% from 1990.
  • Every day in 2013, about 800 women died due to complications of pregnancy and child birth.
  • The risk of a woman in a developing country dying from a maternal-related cause is about 23 times higher compared to a woman living in a developed country.
  • Globally, an estimated 2.6 million stillbirths each year with stagnant progress.
  • More than 1.2 million babies begin labor alive and die before birth. These deaths are highly preventable and unacceptable as many of these babies would survive with access to skilled birth care and basic and emergency obstetric and newborn care.
  • The intrapartum stillbirth rate is 140 times higher in the worst performing country compared to the country with the lowest rate.
  • Intervention in pregnancy and around birth will result in a triple return on investment, preventing maternal and neonatal deaths, as well as stillbirths.

(Sources: A Promise Renewed Progress Report 2015 & WHO Global Health Observatory (GHO) – Maternal and Reproductive Health, & The Every Newborn Action Plan)

Key #GlobalMNH Communications Messages

  1. 2015 is a critical year to recognize progress and set goals. Women and newborns must be at the center of the global agenda.
  2. Addressing quality, equity and integration will accelerate progress for mothers and newborns.
  3. Proven and cost-effective solutions exist to save mothers and newborns.
  4. The bold action we take today to strengthen our commitment to women’s and children’s health determines the kind of world we will live in tomorrow.

Sample #GlobalMNH Social Media


Twitter messages should incorporate the conference hashtag #GlobalMNH in all posts and can link out to pre-approved conference photos and graphics (see links above). Partners and relevant resources can also be linked to posts.

  • Let’s prepare for #post2015! Join the conversation around GMNHC 2015 to discuss issues in #GlobalMNH #GlobalGoals
  • Sustainable development isn’t possible unless women are healthy, valued & empowered to reach their full potential #GlobalMNH #EWECisMe
  • Over 2 million women and babies die in pregnancy & childbirth. We CAN end those deaths. Join the #GlobalMNH conversation #EWECisMe
  • 2015=critical year to recognize #GlobalMNH progress & set goals. Women & newborns MUST be at the center of the global agenda! #GlobalGoals
  • #momandbaby have benefitted from big improvements in the past decade, but QUALITY of care remains a priority for improvement #GlobalMNH
  • Where will you be October 18-21? Join us online for the Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference! #GlobalMNH
  • Average indicators hide regional & local health disparities. EQUITY is key to reaching #momandbaby with the care they need. #GlobalMNH
  • Health systems must have strong strategies to INTEGRATE care for #momandbaby. We can’t miss BIG opportunities for quality care! #GlobalMNH
  • There are 6 exciting tracks for the first-ever Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference. Learn More:
  • Can’t make the #GlobalMNH conference in Mexico? Tune in for live coverage of our open/close and plenary sessions at
  • Stay up to date on the latest news coming out of #GlobalMNH. Sign up for the daily delivery TODAY!
  • SHARE: more than 3 MILLION women & newborns could be saved each year through quality care in pregnancy and at birth! #GlobalMNH

These general tweets have character counts that allow for upload of photos/graphics such as pre-approved conference graphics

  • The #GlobalMNH conference is the 1st opportunity since the #SDG adoption to strategize ways to reach #momandbaby
  • Addressing quality, equity & integration will accelerate progress for mothers & newborns #GlobalMNH
  • Join conversations about #EWECisMe this Oct. w/the hashtag #GlobalMNH & look out for LIVE opportunities to engage
  • Are you going to #GlobalMNH Oct. 18-21? Be sure to check out the Auxiliary Sessions:
  • Getting excited for #GlobalMNH? Visit the digital conference hub at!
  • To reduce the rates of maternal and infant mortality, health systems need to be equitable and inclusive. #GlobalMNH

U.N. Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health Tweets

  • We must work together to reach every mother & @every_newborn to stop global preventable deaths #EWECisME #GlobalMNH
  • Simple cost-effective solutions could prevent most newborn deaths. Join us at @every_newborn to end preventable deaths #EWECisME #GlobalMNH
  • On 9/26 global leaders launched the updated Global Strategy-make a commitment today & follow #EWECisMe #GlobalMNH
  • The updated Global Strategy will further mobilize resources for #GlobalMNH: #EWECisME

Facebook/Longer Posts

Sample #GlobalMNH Posts (Facebook, etc.), can use with approved conference graphics or photos.

  • Globally too many women and their children die from preventable causes in pregnancy and childbirth. Each year there are nearly 300,000 maternal deaths, 2.7 million newborn deaths and 2.6 million stillbirths. Learn about interventions and innovations that continue to help reduce these numbers at the Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference
  • The Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference (Mexico City, Oct. 18-21) offers the first opportunity following the adoption of the SDGs to strategize on actions needed to achieve our goals for #EWECisMe #GlobalGoals
  • Proven, cost-effective strategies and solutions exist to save mothers and newborns. The #GlobalMNH mailing list shares this and more, in advance of the Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference:
  • The bold action we take today to strengthen our commitment to maternal & newborn health determines the kind of world we will live in tomorrow. #GlobalMNH #GlobalGoals
  • Mothers and their newborns are still dying at unacceptably high rates. We know how to intervene. We must invest in integrated care, improve quality of care, and eliminate inequitable access to care for #momandbaby worldwide. WE CAN DO IT!
  • Ensuring care for ALL mothers and babies is a global health priority and an ethical imperative. Equity is a vital component of #GlobalMNH strategies because quality health care is a basic right for women, children and families across the world. #EWECisMe
  • Inequities in child survival continue to be high among countries and within countries. The poorest regions, least developed countries, fragile nations and the most disadvantaged and marginalized populations continue to bear the greatest burden of child mortality. #EWECisMe
  • Integration at all levels of health service is needed to ensure we don’t fail moms and babies when we could succeed! Integrating care will expand opportunities for family planning, HIV counseling, malaria testing and treatment and so much more!
  • We need more well-trained and skilled midwives! We’ll talk about how they can increase quality of care and survival chances for mothers and newborns at GMNHC 2015 #GlobalMNH

Facebook & Twitter Conference Banners

The below files can be used for banners on Twitter and Facebook pages to promote the conference. The original files are found here.