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#GlobalGoals social media toolkit – A focus on women, children and adolescents

From a healthy planet to prosperous communities, good health and well-being for girls and women is vital to the Global Goals. Our Communications Partners are sharing content on how girls and women drive the achievement of the Global Goals through our InFocus: Global Goals campaign on Crowd 360. Featuring content from our partners, this community sourced page brings context and content to the global stage of UNGA Week.

Ways to Get Involved:

  1. Got something to say? Post it! Join us on the UNGA 2016 Live Coverage Hub to share your content around UNGA. Great education infographic? Timely op-ed on youth engagement? Photo essay on the refugee crisis? Submit it to be posted to the Hub here.
  2. Keep up on the latest and greatest. Sign up today for the InFocus: Global Goals newsletter, bringing you the best of UNGA Week daily featuring content shared on the Hub from and by you! Sign up here.
  3. Get your event covered! Coming to NYC from all over the world, Girls’ Globe reporters are a great way to up your digital presence during UNGA. From Facebook live interviews to vlogs to editorial, Girls’ Globe is available to attend events, meet for interviews and collaborate for live coverage. Email Julia (julia[at] for more!
  4. Getting loud for the Global Goals. Got a toolkit? Press kit? Tweetables? Share them with us to be posted to one central place on the Hub to support one another’s activities. Contact Leanne (lgray[at] for more info.

Key Handles:

  • @fhi360
  • @girlsglobe
  • @JNJGlobalHealth


  • #GlobalGoals

Secondary hashtags:

  • #UNGA
  • #SDGLive (SDG Media Zone at UNHQ)
  • #WhatIReallyReallyWant
  • #YesAllGirls (Malala Fund campaign)
  • #2030Now (Social Good Summit)
  • #SDGs
  • #RefugeeSummit
  • #GCFestival
  • #EndItForGood
  • #ShowUp

Key Links:

Suggested tweets:

  • This #UNGA, put women, children and adolescents front and center for #GlobalGoals success:
  • Sign up to receive daily emails this week on women, children & adolescents in the #GlobalGoals: #UNGA
  • Our collective efforts can ensure that women and girls don’t get left behind in the #GlobalGoals:
  • Share stories, blogs, photos, videos, reports + more on women and girls in the #GlobalGoals:
  • Maternal, child & adolescent health will be a main topic of conversation at #UNGA: #GlobalGoals @UnfEWEC
  • What is education equity & how does it impact individuals & society? @carina1906 #equity2030 #GlobalGoals @fhi360
  • Young people have a huge role to play in achieving #genderequality: @GirlsGlobe #GlobalGoals
  • The quality of life for girls acts a proxy indicator for the quality of life for all: @JNJGlobalHealth #GlobalGoals
  • The #GlobalGoals cannot be achieved without educating those who have been left behind – refugee children and girls:
  • #GenderData is firmly on the #GlobalGoals agenda and we need to keep it there: @Data2X
  • We all have a role to play in the #GlobalGoals. Join @JNJGlobalHealth, @fhi360 & @GirlsGlobe @UNGA live coverage:    
  • Global voices power #GlobalGoals! Let our voice be heard by joining the #SDGs conversation. Check out our #UNGA71 hub
  • Raise your voice for the #GlobalGoals, join @JNJGlobalHealth, @fhi360 & @GirlsGlobe and let our voice be heard:   
  • Stay up to date with the latest from #UNGA via the #GlobalGoals Live Coverage Hub:  (tweet with photo)

Suggested Facebook/long-form posts:

  • During #UNGA this week, we must make sure that we put women, children and adolescents front and center for #GlobalGoals success:
  • Do you have stories about the health and rights of girls and women to share with the world? Submit your stories, blogs, photos, videos, reports, resources  + more on women and girls in the #GlobalGoals here:
  • Our collective efforts can ensure that women and girls don’t get left behind in the #GlobalGoals. Follow along this week as partners share highlights and stories from #UNGA in New York City:

Shareable images:

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