September 15, 2016

Getting Ready for USCA 2016!

This article originally appeared on POZ.

2016 is United States Conference on AIDS’s (USCA) 20th Anniversary! As a result, NMAC decided to change all the track topics, add many more pathways, and look forward to how biomedical HIV prevention is changing our work and may create a roadmap to ending the epidemic. Change is an inevitable part of our survival. 20 years ago Dr. Ho released his seminal paper on Protease Inhibitors. His work changed our movement from one that comforts the dying to helping people live with HIV. 20 years later, biomedical HIV prevention means that care is prevention and undetectable means an inability to transmit.

Once again we are being asked to change our ways of thinking. If you are on PrEP or have an undetectable viral load, do you have to use condoms? What is safe sex in 2016? It might be time for a generational hand-off for HIV prevention.

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