May 5, 2016

Gender Norms Programming

Written by USAID Community Based Livelihood Development for Women and Children in Swaziland Program Team

People standing in a circle

Under the PEPFAR funded CBLD program Gender Norms Dialogues were conducted in both 2014 and 2015 in all six CBLD program communities. Gender Norms Dialogues were commissioned upon realization that addressing gender norms and inequities is essential to reducing the HIV risk and increasing access to HIV prevention, care and treatment services for women and men. CBLD adopts a holistic approach and proactively confronts the changing demographics of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which are a result of biological, structural, and cultural conditions that affect men and women differently, such as gender norms that impact expectations and behaviors, as well as differences in access to resources that limit prevention and mitigation of the disease.

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