September 22, 2016

Gender Equality in Sweden: Can it get any better than this? (Video Blog)

Written by Amanda Ring

Video blog by Amanda Ring (18) and Julia Wiklander (29) from Sweden. 

  • According to a report made by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights 81% of women in Sweden said that they had been sexually harassed at some point after the age of 15. With these numbers Sweden topped the list. The average rate in the EU was lower – 55% – but the report also says that Sweden’s high rate probably has to do with the relatively low unrecorded cases and a high report rate. Read more.
  • When it comes to gender equality, Sweden is the 4th most gender equal country in the world. This is showed in The Global Gender Gap Reportmade by the World Economic Forum.
  • The Global Gender Gap Report also shows that in Sweden, the payment gap between women and men is as high as 30%.
  • Learn more about the start of the movement for legislation that includes sexual consent in Sweden through this Al Jazeera story.