October 28, 2015

FP Voices – Jose “Oying” Rimon II, Director & Senior Scientist, Gates Institute (1/3)

This post originally appeared on the Family Planning Voices website. Reposted with permission.

Some of the most brilliant minds in the world, some of the most consequential people in the world, happen to support the issues of population, family planning, and reproductive health. Why would this issue be championed by Melinda Gates, by Bill [Gates], by Warren Buffett, by Bill Hewlett, by David Packard, and countless other billionaires who have contributed to this space?

Surely they have looked at the evidence. Surely, because these are people who care about numbers and evidence, about science, they have looked at this, and they have made the decision that this is an area where they’re going to put some investments of their own personal money. (1 of 3)

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