September 9, 2018

Flasnovelas Preps for the House at USCA 2019

Written by Eddie Gonzalez, #2018USCA Social Media Fellow

The United States Conference on AIDS (USCA) is a multicultural platform where it gives any race, religion, gender, sexuality the tools and skills to go out and educate their community on HIV related issues.

Houston’s Latino organization, FLAS, GTI: Grupo de Teatro Indigo, and Dos Caras Entertainment presented their third season of the International hit web series FlasNovelas, a project funded by Houston Health Department this time around.

FlasNovelas is a series that showcases Latino citizens, intertwining and colliding different lives and stories of acceptance, mistreatment, abuse, racism, violence, drugs, redemption, to name a few.

This anthology of stories are based on true events making this a psychological inquiry that helps various characters, not only presenting them as the victims, but also showing how sometimes their bad decisions can have some affect, placing them in different contexts and situations suffering from some form of abuse.

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