October 30, 2018

Fijian Ministry of Health and UNICEF celebrate Global Handwashing Day

Written by Fijian Ministry of Health and UNICEF

Handwashing with soap is a critical habit for good health, but the benefits go far beyond disease prevention. UNICEF Pacific along with the Fiji Ministry of Health celebrated Global Handwashing Day at the Vuci Methodist Primary School. This event highlighted the importance of handwashing in building healthy, productive futures.

Rosy Akbar, the Minister for Health and Medical Services, launched the day with activities to promote healthy living. She emphasized the need for students to practice handwashing at key times, stating “Handwashing with soap is practiced regularly at key times, after using the toilet, before you prepare and eat food, after being outside in the garden, or handling rubbish and animals.”

The day was filled with interactive activities, including a handwashing dance competition and quizzes. This Global Handwashing Day celebration was a fun-packed day of learning proper handwashing techniques and handwashing benefits, ensuring a healthy Fiji for all Fijians.


Pita Taufatofua posing with students

Photo Credit: UNICEF Pacific; Caption: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for the Pacific, Mr. Pita Taufatofua, represented UNICEF Pacific in this event. He demonstrated the steps of handwashing with students and encouraged them to wash their hands at critical times such as before meals, after playing sports, and after visiting the toilet.


Students performing in the handwashing dance competition

Photo Credit: UNICEF Pacific; Caption: Global Handwashing day was celebrated in Fiji on 12 October 2018 at Vuci Methodist Primary School. A total of 6 schools participated in the Handwashing dance competition organised by Ministry of Health.


All participants posing for a group picture

Photo Credit: UNICEF Pacific