July 14, 2017

At Family Planning Summit, Global Leaders Recommit to #HerFuture

Written by Crowd 360 team

On July 11, 2017, policymakers, donors, and advocates from around the world gathered at the Family Planning Summit in London, UK, to discuss efforts to reach Family Planning 2020 goals and ensure that more women and girls around the world are able to plan their families and their futures.

At least 37 country governments, 16 private companies and 11 partner organizations, including civil society and private foundations, announced commitments to accelerate progress on rights-based family planning programs at the Summit. The full breadth of Summit commitments from country governments, donors, private sector, civil society and foundations can be found here.

The Family Planning Summit was co-hosted by the UK Government, UNFPA, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in close partnership with the Family Planning 2020 Secretariat (FP2020).

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