June 23, 2017

Facebook Live: Inspiring Lightning Talks on New Innovations

1:30-2:00pm Inspiring Lightning Talks on New Innovations

  • ICTforAg Innovation Challenges. What Happens Next? Jesus Melendez, Cabot7
    Every day new ICTforAg innovation challenges and contests are announced, but how effective are they? What are the long term results? What does it really take to turn prize winners into sustainable, scalable, and transferable solutions?
  • How to Verify Private Sector ICTforAg Activity? Justin Kosoris, AgResults Secretariat 
    We all want farmers to adopt our interventions, however its often difficult to engage the private sector and measure uptake. How can we use prizes to increase “pull” with the private sector? And where can use ICT to verify usage?
  • How Can We Improve Digital Financial Services for Smallholder Farmers? Maggie McDonough, Souktel Digital Solutions
    Many DFS solutions suffer from sluggish uptake and poor retention rates, but new experiments in the Asia Pacific are giving insight into better cash handling, transaction transparency, savings plans, and opportunities for new market access.
  • Public-Private Partnerships for Livestock Market Information Services: Jamila White, AECOM
    Many countries are looking at market pricing systems, yet few are sustainable. How can PPPs help information systems scale? When is a user-centric re-design needed? And where can mobile network operators play a key role?