November 16, 2016

Experts: The Latest on Zika

This post originally appeared on Global Health Now.

Zika experts from Brazil and the US shared the following Zika insights during the Tuesday, Nov. 15 press briefing at the ASTMH conference in Atlanta:

  • Pedro Fernando da Costa Vasconcelos, director of the Evandro Chagas Institute, Ananindeua, Brazil: “We need more surveillance of these groups at risk of severe disease by the Zika virus. We are doing experiments on rodents and nonhuman primates to investigate the pathogenesis of the virus… and the mechanism of transmission and so on.”
  • Anne Schuchat, US CDC principal deputy director: “This is the most complicated emergency the CDC ever handled. It has taken all of our expertise. We’ve never had a mosquito-borne virus that can cause a birth defect. We’ve never had mosquito-borne virus that can be spread sexually. We have not had a great track record of controlling Aedes mosquitoes.”

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