March 13, 2016

Equipping Schools for the 21st Century: Moving from Theoretical Instruction to Practical Experience

Written by USAID Kosovo Basic Education Program Team, FHI 360

Students working on computer and technology projects

When Hajriz Abazi began work as a technology teacher in 1997, he had to do so without any computers or other technical equipment. All he had were textbooks. One day a parent saw that Hajriz had made a model keyboard from clay to help his students understand. The parent was impressed with Hajriz’s initiative that he donated a computer to the class. Everything changed for Hajriz after he attended a technology course organized by USAID’s Basic Education Program (BEP). Hajriz teaches in two different schools and each received a kit of equipment enabling students to learn 21st Century skills in electronics, mechanics, computer coding, computer control and robotics. Hajriz’s students have subsequently entered and won national competitions in the field of technology,

“At high school and university, I was only taught theory. I always wanted to teach in a practical way but couldn’t do so. Things changed when BEP provided us with equipment.”

-Haji Abazi, Technology teacher

BEP’s policy is to provide schools whose teachers attend its courses with kits of equipment that enable students to do practical work. BEP provides equipment for Science and Technology but is also providing equipment such as reading books for early grades; low-cost video cameras for use in language classes and basic teaching and learning aids for mathematics, and other subjects.

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