June 28, 2016

#EndHIV4Her Suggested Posts – week of June 27th

Question of the week: What integrative approaches are helping to end HIV for girls and women?

Suggested Tweets:

  • Tell us: What #IntegratedDev approaches are helping to #EndHIV4Her? [insert photo]
  • We want to hear from you: What #IntegratedDev projects are working to #EndHIV4Her? [insert photo]
  • Let your voice be heard! How can #IntegratedDev help us #EndHIV4Her? [insert photo]
  • Why an #IntegratedDev approach is essential to alleviate and help #EndHIV4Her: http://bit.ly/29h8MUH
  • To #EndHIV4Her, we need to re-energize our HIV prevention efforts & highlight #IntegratedDev approaches: http://bit.ly/28YaISj #AIDS2016
  • #AIDS2016 will be a milestone conference for girls & women. Visit the #EndHIV4Her hub to learn more: http://bit.ly/EndHIV4Her

Suggested Facebook/Long-form posts:

  • UNAIDS estimates that 7,500 girls and young women, 10 to 24 years of age, become infected with HIV every week, with the highest rates in southern and eastern Africa. That’s the equivalent of around 16 jumbo jets filled with women and girls every week. Our current HIV prevention package is inadequate for them because young women often lack the ability to control their risk. What holistic, integrated approaches have you seen work to help end HIV for girls and women? [insert photo] #EndHIV4Her #IntegratedDev
  • The momentum to protect girls and women from HIV and achieve an AIDS-free generation is picking up speed. #IntegratedDev can help us get there: http://bit.ly/28YaISj #EndHIV4Her
  • This week, authors from FHI 360, Girls’ Globe and Johnson & Johnson will be sharing blogs about why #IntegratedDev approaches are so important to help #EndHIV4Her. Read all of them as they are rolled out: http://bit.ly/29h8MUH

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