September 11, 2018

Ethiopia. UNHCR responds to huge displacement with lifesaving aid

A group of internally displaced Ethiopians

Internally displaced Ethiopians take refuge in a manufacturing centre in the Yirga Chefe woreda, Gedeo Zone where an estimated 11,000 people are sleeping on the ground trying to keep warm from heavy rains with the little clothing they took when they fled their homes. ; Renewed inter-communal violence in two Ethiopian states – Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region and Oromia – has displaced up to a million people between April and August 2018. The violence follows a year-long crippling drought and tensions over resources. Those who fled described extreme violence during village raids, including indiscriminate killing, rape, livestock slaughter and houses being burnt to the ground. UNHCR is providing 50,000 emergency kits to people in Gedeo and West Guji Zone, while Emergency Response Teams have been deployed to support local authorities managing sites for internally displaced persons. The Government of Ethiopia and humanitarian partners have issued a joint response plan, requiring US$117.7 million to respond to the crisis.