March 27, 2018

Download TBM Engage Mobile App for CIES 2018

Written by CIES 2018

Whether you have an iOS device or an Android (phone/tablet), enter the below link into your device’s browser to be redirected to your app store. You can also visit your app store directly and search for “TBM Engage.” Or you can even use the link on your computer’s web browser and skip the app altogether.

Auto Detect Link:

Once the app is installed on your device, you will be prompted to enter an “App Code”. The app code for your app is cies2018. Upon entering this code, you will be prompted to create an account that will allow you to access our conference app.

Using the CIES 2018 App

Downloading the app gives you access to communicate at the conference beyond a physical space. A guided tour will introduce all of the app’s features. 

Access the CIES 2018 Mexico City program by tapping the “Schedule” icon, which links directly to our AllAcademic abstract management system. Whether inside the app or directly online, log into your AllAcademic account to create a personalized schedule. Filter speakers and sessions by unit (e.g. SIG name), session type, keyword, geographic descriptor, and more.

Or if you prefer to scroll through the print-ready program, our event app lets you view each section under the “Program” icon.

You can view the latest posts on our “Social Feed” and use the chat to engage with other app users. And however you join the conversation, be sure to tag your social media posts with our official conference hashtags.