September 26, 2017

Digital disruption: Development unleashed

Written by F. Roger Ford and Ian Lobo

This post originally appeared on Accenture. Reposted with permission.

In isolation, digital technologies are no silver bullet for the international development sector. But linked to their mission, programs, operations, partnerships and people, they can drive profound economic and social transformation.

Changing the world is changing fast

The international development community is no stranger to disruption. However, the velocity and intensity of change in the sector today is unprecedented. New players, business and funding models, societal expectations, demographic shifts, globalization and digital technologies are rapidly changing the face of the sector.
Every economy will be a digital economy. World Economic Forum and Accenture analysis estimates the combined value of digital transformation to industry and society at $100 trillion over the next decade.1 The international development sector is at a defining moment in this rapidly changing world. Will organizations harness digital to amplify outcomes or fall victim to inertia?
Today, there is an opportunity to move beyond digital point solutions to an interwoven market of digital solutions and economies. This can accelerate the impact of interventions and sustain economic growth long after they end. Because digital for development is not about the innovation of solutions themselves. It is about how they reimagine the way people live and work in developing countries.

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