April 3, 2017

Community Health Worker Nutrition Advocacy Tool

Written by SPRING Project

Community health workers (CHW) play a critical role in delivering evidence-based, cost-effective interventions that can improve nutrition outcomes. Information on the services that CHW provide is necessary to advocate for change in training, management, and supervision systems related to the delivery of nutrition services by CHWs but the diversity and magnitude of community health programs in a given country can make it hard to find. In collaboration with the USAID-funded Advancing Partners and Communities(link is external) (APC) project, SPRING has gathered data around key nutrition responsibilities for CHW in 9 countries that can be used to advocate for increased commitment to nutrition in community health programs. The data identifies gaps in nutrition service delivery and helps program planners take action. We invite government ministry staff and other in-country stakeholders to use these resources to better understand the situation in their country and advocate for needed changes.

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