August 12, 2016

Commitment to Infant Care and Health

Written by Johnson's®

Continuing Care for Families and Babies Around the World with Innovative Programs and Partnerships

Sleeping baby

Photo: Johnson’s®

Johnson & Johnson has always been dedicated to improving the health of individuals, families and communities around the world. A crucial component of that commitment includes listening to and learning from doctors, nurses and other health care professionals, so we can continue to develop programs and products to support them and the families they serve.

This August, we’re attending the 28th International Congress of Pediatrics in Vancouver, Canada, so we can learn more and answer an important question that will be at the forefront of the discussion: “What’s best for baby?”

We’ve been continually working to answer that question for over 125 years. Today, Johnson & Johnson reaches more than a billion lives each day through our health care products and services, our corporate giving and the volunteer efforts, as well as donations of life-saving medicine and technologies that improve access to critical health care information for families.

Thorough training of health workers is also critical to providing prenatal and obstetric health care. At the Women Deliver Conference in May of this year, for example, we brought together young midwife leaders from around the world to explore ways to strengthen and improve maternal health and child health for the Global Goals at the Young Midwifery Leadership Symposium. As another example, our work with Worldwide Corporate Contributions supports programs that help moms and babies survive childbirth, and helps those who struggle to survive reach their full potential and thrive – no matter where they live. Through Born On Time, a new five-year initiative in Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Mali where newborn death is highest, we’re working with governments and organizations to address the risk factors that lead to preterm birth: Lifestyle, Infection, Nutrition and Contraception (LINC).

Led by the JOHNSON’S® Brand, a part of Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, at IPA this month we’ll be focusing on how multisensorial experiences can enhance baby development; sight, touch, sound, and smell, all crucial to baby’s development. Eye contact is part of the foundation for communication and social development, while physical contact establishes a baby’s first emotional bonds and serve as the foundation for emotional and intellectual development. Smell also plays an important role – studies have also shown that babies bathed with fragranced bath product displayed 30% more engagement cues with their parent after bath, compared to those who were not. A baby’s emotional and intellectual development is vital, and it all starts with the bonds parents build from physical contact.

We’re excited to share this important research at IPA this month and to discuss how we can work together to better support parents and caregivers in infant care and health. Stop by our booth at #101 to meet with us and discuss the important research being done in these areas – we look forward to seeing you.