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#Commit2Deliver Engagement Kit

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#Commit2Deliver is an advocacy platform to showcase results, accelerate action, and ensure accountability among new and existing commitment makers of the Every Woman Every Child movement. This platform is only as strong as all the partners who are working together to advance women’s and children’s health.

Partners are encouraged to share results and examples of effective accountability by posting 15-second videos (3 sentences) and photos on Instagram and Facebook using #Commit2Deliver.

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#Commit2Deliver is a @UnfEWEC platform to showcase results, accelerate action, & ensure accountability.

300+ stakeholders, includ 70 gov’ts, pledged better health 4 women & children globally. We must #Commit2Deliver now.

#Commit2Deliver w/ MOH 2 prioritize & evaluate country-led, inclusive, transparent, & particip nat’l oversight mechanisms 4 @UnfEWEC.

#Commit2Deliver global accountability → indep mech 2 monitor, review, & act towards #post2015 sustain dev agenda.

#Commit2Deliver 4 adolescents → adolescent indicator in monitoring mech 4 women & children health, & involve young ppl in policy.

#Commit2Deliver on quality reinforces human-rights-based approach & route to equity & dignity for women & children.

#Commit2Deliver a #datarev → Universal & effective Civil Registration & Vital Statistics systems a #post2015 development target.

Together, We Are Going Further for Women and Children: #Commit2Deliver