February 27, 2016

CIES at 60: Taking Stock and Looking Forward Through The Eyes Of Our Women Leaders

For the first 20 years, CIES existed as an organization led exclusively by male presidents. It was not until 1976 that the organization elected the first female president of the association. Engaging with the CIES 2016 theme of “taking stock and looking forward”, the Indigenous Knowledge and the Academy SIG and the Gender and Education Committee will co-host a symposium devoted to the examination of six decades of Comparative and International Education as experienced through the eyes of the Society’s women presidents.

As part of this 60th-anniversary panel discussion, our distinguished guests will reflect on the changing place, nature and significance of gender, as well as other intersecting social categories, including race, ethnicity and class, in the context of CIES, as a professional organization and CIE as a field of inquiry and practice. Questions and topics to be addressed include:

What drew these past-presidents to the field of comparative and international education and what has sustained their interest in the field. What they might tell their young(er) selves about their work and experiences in the field and in CIES now 20, 30 or 40 years later? The shifting role(s) and statuses of women in CIES through the years. The extent to which the inclusion of more women leaders has changed the society. Past and present barriers/challenges, as well as opportunities for further organizational change in support of equity and inclusionThe ways that CIES can move forward by including multiple voices and recognizing multiple ways of knowing. Women as leaders in international education.The changing perception of gender in educational change over the past 60 years.

All are welcome and we look forward to seeing you at this special 60th-anniversary event  CIES at 60: Taking Stock and Looking Forward Through The Eyes Of Our Women Leaders. This Symposium Co-Organized by the Indigenous Knowledge & The Academy SIG and the Gender & Education Committee.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 – Two-Part Panel & Luncheon

9:45am-2:45pm, Pavilion Ballroom D


9:45-10:00: Welcome – Tutaleni Asino, Carly Manion & Halla Holmarsdottir

10:00-11:45: Panel of Past Presidents (part I) – Kassie Freeman, Ruth Hayhoe, Beverly Lindsay, Maria Teresa Tatto

11:45-12:45: Luncheon (limited spaces available, please register by contacting gender@cies.us)

12:45-2:45: Panel of Past Presidents (part II) – N’Dri Assie-Lumumba, Karen Biraimah, Ratna Ghosh, Vandra Masemann