October 1, 2018

Celebrating 10 years of GHD with a #high5forhandwashing

Written by Aarti Daryanani

Every year, preventable diseases like diarrhea and pneumonia claim the lives of 1.4 million children under 5 around the world. These deaths can be significantly reduced if children, mothers, and caregivers alike are taught to embrace the simple, yet often neglected lifesaving act of handwashing with soap.

Lifebuoy is celebrating Global Handwashing Day (GHD) this year with a #high5forhandwashing. Through this campaign, we aim to gather as many high5s for handwashing as possible, teaching healthy handwashing habits to 5 children for every high5forhandwashing shared. We hope to continue raising awareness about the importance of this habit and keep working to encourage better hand hygiene for more people around the world.

A simple high5 transcends culture, geography, and language and our #high5forhandwashing campaign seeks to unite supporters, championing good hygiene habits like handwashing with soap. With this high5, Unilever, through its Lifebuoy brand, celebrates a 10-year milestone of contributing to raising the profile of handwashing with soap since 2008!

Be part of the movement: 

Join us in this exciting month-long (October) campaign and show your support of handwashing!

Social media posts using #High5forHandwashing

#High5forhandwashing across the globe

Here’s how to participate:

Step 1: Give a high five to a friend, family member, or colleague.

Step 2: Take a photo of your high five and share it on social media using #high5forhandwashing, tagging @lifebuoysoap

Step 3: Check out the #high5forhandwashing Tagboard to see your High5 and High5s around the world.

Step 4: Encourage others to join the fun!

Lifebuoy will capture the results in a scoreboard and will announce the organizations with the highest number of high five sat the end of the campaign period. With a simple high five, you can be part of a global movement to improve handwashing habits. Share a high five today and help spread the word!