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BRICs Outreach Engagement Kit

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Brazil is already the champion of the World Cup. At least in child mortality reduction: #PMNCHLive

Proven interventions of 2.50 reais can avoid 26,000 deaths of babies per year in Brazil. #PMNCHLive

2100 women die each year in Brazil from labor complications. You can help us to change this. #PMNCHLive

Brasil já é campeão da Copa do Mundo. Ao menos em redução de mortalidade infantil: #PMNCHLive

Intervenções de 2,50 reais podem evitar a morte de 26000 bebês por ano no Brasil. #PMNCHLive

2100 mulheres morrem todo ano de complicações no parto no Brasil.Você pode ajudar a mudar esse quadro: #PMNCHLive

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Proven interventions to save lives of women and children only cost ₹70 – let’s #commit2deliver! #PMNCHLiveEach year in India nearly 800,000 babies do not survive their first month of life. We must change this. #PMNCHLive

50,000 women in India died giving life last year. Your voice can help change this. Join the conversation #PMNCHLive

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Follow #PMNCHLive to learn how the 10 fast-track countries incl China drive progress for women’s & children’s health.

In the last two decades China worked hard to reduce child mortality by nearly 3/4. We can do better. #PMNCHLive

(For Weibo use) 中国是世界上已经达到联合国千年发展目标4(降低五岁以下儿童死亡率三分之二)的几个国家之一,但我们还能做得更好。敬请关注#2014妇幼健康合作伙伴论坛#,支持@联合国 秘书长潘基文发起的#每个妇女每个儿童#倡议。


(For Weibo use) 中国每年有近16万婴儿在新生期(出生头28天)内死亡。这些死亡中的大部分可以通过有效措施进行避免,而执行这些措施的年人均成本只有7元钱!敬请关注#2014妇幼健康合作伙伴论坛#,支持@联合国 秘书长潘基文发起的#每个妇女每个儿童#倡议。

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