June 12, 2017

A Synopsis of Differentiated Care for ART Program Managers

Written by Dr. Kwasi Torpey and Dr. Edward Oladele, FHI 360

This article originally appeared on FHI 360. Reposted with permission.

As a pre-conference event leading up to the 8th Southern Africa AIDS Conference, FHI 360 presented their research and model for differentiated care. This report provides a synopsis of what was presented and serves as a guide for ART program managers to use when adapting their ART program.

Differentiated care refers to service delivery models that address the specific requirements of the continuum of prevention, care and treatment for a subgroup of clients. FHI 360 uses this approach throughout our programming to ensure improved efficiency in antiretroviral therapy (ART) programs and allow different categories of clients and communities to receive care that is appropriate for them.

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