June 16, 2016

Become a Mentor, Help Girls Like Sarah

Written by Linda Lockheart, Founder and CEO, Global Give Back Circle

Yesterday, you heard Sarah Muthoni open the summit with a speech. She spoke about her childhood in Kenya, the strength of her mother, her own resolve to stay in school and study hard, and the transformation she was able to undergo through the Global Give Back Circle. We at the Global Give Back Circle have loved and worked with Sarah for 10 years and we hope to keep helping extraordinary girls like her for decades to come.

The Global Give Back Circle is a proven transformation process for girls, with a focus on supporting girls who see themselves as future leaders in their communities. We are celebrating our 10th year of providing at-risk girls in Kenya with mentoring and support. We have done this through partnerships with USAID, Mastercard, Microsoft, and many other organizations and companies like them.

Today, the Circle is run by a group of dedicated staff, whose combined passion for helping the world’s disadvantaged girls, builds a solution for sustainable development on the ground in Kenya, China, South Africa, India and the United States.

I would like to invite you to apply to become one of our mentors to a student in Kenya or Rwanda. With your help, we can inspire a new generation of women to serve their communities and countries. We are partnering this year with the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Women in Public Service Project to begin a wonderful new project promoting Future Political Leaders in Kenya and Rwanda.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a mentor like the one that changed Sarah’s life.