April 12, 2016

AIDS United: 2016 Presidential HIV/AIDS Questionnaire

To better understand how presidential candidates will take advantage of the moment to seek an end to the HIV epidemic, a coalition of more than 50 organizations sent a survey to all of the candidates who were running for president at that time. Candidates responses have been published without edits. As of right now, the candidates who responded to the survey and their responses are published below. The coalition producing the survey has sought to review campaign literature, speeches or other positions of the candidates who have not responded to determine their positions. However, we have not found information that is directly related to the issues of HIV/AIDS discussed in the survey. As such the positions of the candidates who have not answered, in our opinion, are either unclear or undetermined. We urge all remaining candidates to complete the survey and the coalition will publish responses from the other presidential candidates as they are sent in.

The survey is intended to assess the positions of all candidates running for President concerning HIV/AIDS regardless of party. The ultimate goal is to learn where candidates stand on critical issues in the epidemic, and to educate the hundreds of thousands of individuals who care deeply about ending the loss and suffering caused by HIV/AIDS. The non-partisan coalition of organizations that created this survey (listed below) do not endorse any candidate or political party. View the survey here.