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AIDS 2018 Digital Hub Submission Criteria

FHI 360 is curating the AIDS 2018 digital hub here on the Crowd 360 platform. We are mostly looking for well-written opinion pieces and blogs related to the AIDS 2018 conference, conference tracks, or any of the topics below, but we will also accept press releases, videos, photo stories, and major reports.

We do not accept or post pieces that promote sessions at the conference, journal abstracts, or poster presentations.

Additional guidelines are below.

Format Guide:

  • Articles, stories, op-eds, or blogs that are around 500-700 words (though the length is flexible) Each story must be submitted in a final, edited state with a title, byline, and at least one photo or image.
  • Press releases related to the conference. Also submit at least one photo or image (can be an organizational logo if needed)
  • Reports (pdfs or interactive webpages) – Please include at least a one paragraph summary along with a report
  • Videos – Please include at least a one paragraph summary
  • Infographics – Please include at least a one paragraph summary
  • Other multimedia – Please contact Leanne and Amanda (emails below) to determine the best way to submit

Conference Topics (including current program highlights):

  • The epidemic among young women and girls
  • Key populations
  • Financing, particularly withdrawal from middle-income countries
  • Adolescents and young people
  • Future of prevention
  • Advances in HIV vaccine, immunotherapy and cure research
  • Innovations in HIV treatment and co-infection
  • PrEP — Lessons learned from implementation
  • Insights in prevention and epidemiology
  • Policy research

To submit:

  • You can submit content any time between now and the end of July
  • Email your final content to Leanne Gray (lgray[at] and Amanda Terry (amartin[at] and make sure you include any additional collateral as listed above. OR
  • Submit through the Crowd 360 webpage:
    • Note that your post will not be approved automatically. We get a notification on our end to go in and review the post first. We need to make sure all of the fields are filled in properly and that the post is generally formatted correctly.
    • After your post is approved, you get an automated email confirming posting. If your post is not approved, you will get an email letting you know it was rejected.
    • PLEASE make sure you add your contact information to the form. We may need to follow up with you for details about your submission. Without your contact information, your submission may be rejected.