March 17, 2016

AIDS 2016 Update March 16th

Read the latest news from AIDS 2016

As we make our way back to Durban after 16 years, we are fortunate to be joined again by Justice Edwin Cameron, described by Nelson Mandela as ‘one of South Africa’s new heroes’.

We are always looking for ways to connect individuals to the conference. Through this year’s media partnerships, you can get conference news leading up to and during the conference in a variety of ways. Working with our official AIDS 2016 Media Partners, we will bring you the latest cutting-edge news on HIV research and developments from the conference.


Over the past few months we have hosted a series of webinars that cover the latest updates and new changes to AIDS 2016. The next webinar coming up is Monday, 21 March at 17:00 CET. This is your chance to get a full overview of everything you need to know about the conference, learn what’s new, and have an open forum to ask questions.

This year we are taking a fresh approach to the pre-conferences at AIDS 2016. This webinar provides a full overview of the AIDS 2016 pre-conference programme, step-by-step guide to register, key updates to be aware of and how to connect to the conference.

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