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We have posted our last article on Crowd 360. Thank you for following along as we traveled the globe bringing you the latest from international development and global health events, campaigns and conversations.

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The Crowd 360 digital platform is an online engagement hub that serves as a conversation space, enabling anyone with access to the internet to access and share information regarding important evidence, scientific advances, and thought leadership presented at global health and international development conferences both in the United States and around the world. Crowd 360 provides curated crowd-sourced content from multiple digital platforms and delivers it in an easy-to-read format. Our website is organized into Conversations, Live Coverage and Campaigns.

  • Conversations are multi-media articles crafted to incorporate different perspectives on an issue or summarize highlights from a conference. Using video, social media posts, audio and media articles to tell a story, Crowd 360 provides our audience with the information and hashtags they need to participate in global discussions through social media. An example conversation: What Happened at COP22?
  • Live Coverage curates conference content and news as it happens on the hub. The hub features crowd-sourced content from blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media properties. Coverage is sent out in daily emails to conference participants, people joining the conference from afar, and those generally interested in issues related to global health and international development. Key Links provide easy access to conference websites, event related information, and social media engagement kits.
  • Campaigns keep the conversation going between conferences. Through digital events and monthly In Focus emails, they provide the most up-to-date and relevant information on a variety of human development topics. Here is a link to our most recent campaign, #EndHIV4Her.

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Crowd 360 Success Story

In September of 2016, Crowd 360 provided live coverage for the 71st Session of the UN General Assembly, with a particular focus on women, children and adolescents in the Global Goals agenda. Our challenge was to curate thousands of pieces of disjointed content being shared on multiple social platforms and make it available to a broad audience around the world.

How did we do it? We engaged the social media audience with seven (7) e-magazine style newsletters focused on the Sustainable Development Goals. We worked to micro-target policy influencers, including foreign ministers, non-profit organizations, and health care workers. In partnership with Girls’ Global and Johnson & Johnson, the Crowd 360 team provided:

Through our engagement, Crowd 360 generated approximately 43,000 page views on the event hub which reached a global audience of nearly 23,000 people. Our coverage received over 6.3 million impressions from our social media channels: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. The content was engaged, shared, or commented on over 270,000 times. The stories, live coverage, and news updates were curated and shared in the In Focus: #GlobalGoals e-magazine style newsletters. In Focus emails total opens by individuals was over 165,000.

Through the process of building the In Focus email, the Crowd 360 team curated social media and news, created original content, provided editorial support to the communication advisory group, built and distributed the In Focus email, engaged audiences in relevant online dialogues and established a crowd-sourced archive of proceedings. This initiative brought the UN General Assembly discussions to a global audience, increasing access and advocacy for the core conversation on women, children and adolescents in the Global Goals agenda.

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