August 11, 2017

4 Ways USAID Helps Save Women & Children Around the World

Written by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

This article originally appeared on Medium.

Every year, nearly 6 million children and more than 300,000 mothers die. But these deaths are preventable.

At USAID, we partner with country governments to apply simple, cost-effective health programs to save the lives of women and children — efforts that are helping foster prosperity and stability in nations across the globe.

Last year, USAID helped 82 million women and children access essential health services. Read on to hear a few of their stories.

Building Trust in Vaccinations in Nigeria

Adamu Mamman, an imam in Nigeria’s Bauchi state, never trusted vaccinations. USAID wanted to help the local health officials immunize all the kids in the area, and Mamman and community influencers like him were the key to their strategy.

USAID helped create a series of trainings to convince Mamman and others that vaccinations are important for a community to thrive. The trainings drove home the grave consequences of neglecting to vaccinate children in the community by pointing out how a child with polio or measles could cause lifelong financial burden and emotional hardship to his or her parents.

It worked. Mamman not only changed his mind, he encouraged his entire constituency in the scholastic community to do the same, and nearly all the kids were vaccinated that year. Read the full story here.

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