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2017 Acting on the Call Summit Resource Kit

Acting on the Call Summit 2017: Overcoming Critical Barriers to Maternal and Child Survival

The 2017 Acting on the Call Summit, hosted by Governments of Ethiopia and India and supported by USAID, UNICEF, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, NGOs, and private sector actors, will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on August 24-25. This global meeting will celebrate our progress to date in saving the lives of 15 million children and 600,000 women by 2020. Additionally, the conference serves as a platform to share best practices and lessons learned, as well as identify crucial next steps in reaching the 2030 targets of the Sustainable Development Goals as it relates to the Every Woman, Every Child Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health. This meeting will build upon previous Child Survival Call to Action and the Acting on the Call conferences, specifically recalling the commitment made at the 2015 meeting in New Delhi.

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This guide is a guide to choose the content which works best for you, adapting to local context if required. Below, we have provided content and messaging for social media channels to be used leading up, during, and after the meeting.


General Promotion

  • Get ready for the 2017 Acting on the Call Summit on 8/24-8/25 to celebrate progress in saving lives of #MomandBaby
  • Save the date! @AotC2017 is happening 8/24-8/25 in Ethiopia to discuss barriers to survival for #MomandBaby
  • We’re excited for @AotC2017 to celebrate process, share best practices & discuss steps to meet #SDGs #MomandBaby
  • .@AotC2017 will highlight ways to scale up successful maternal & child health interventions #MomandBaby
  • We’re headed to @AotC2017 on 8/24-8/25 to join global ministers & policy makers from >25 countries #MomandBaby
  • Global health leaders will meet on 8/24-8/25 to discuss how to improve quality of health services for #MomandBaby
  • Global health leaders will convene at @AotC2017 to discuss progress since the 2012 Call to Action #MomandBaby
  • To save lives of #MomandBaby, we must achieve equity in access to essential health services #EWECisMe
  • Building strong health systems can save the lives of 5.6M children & 260K women from 2016-2020 #MomandBaby
  • .@AotC2017 Marketplace will provide a global platform to share best practices & learn from each other #MomandBaby
  • We have the necessary tools, treatments & technology to save 15M children & 600K women by 2020 @AotC2017#MomandBaby
  • .@aotc2017 will identify key steps to support @UN_EWEC to meet #SDG targets #EWECisMe #MomandBaby

Theme 1: Improving Quality

  • This past year, Bangladesh supported 400+ health clinics that delivered over 40K babies safely #MomandBaby
  • 2700 health care workers, 1100 midwives & 1600 nurses were trained in Ghana last year #MomandBaby
  • Over 400 facilities in Kenya now have necessary functions for emergency care of #MomandBaby
  • In Malawi, 500+ scholarships were supported for nursing, midwifery & pharmacy programs to build local skills #MomandBaby
  • Health staff in Mozambique received training to improve MCH, malaria, nutrition &
  • FP services #MomandBaby
  • Saving Mothers Giving Life in Zambia target facilities has reduced maternal mortality by 55% #MomandBaby

Theme 2: Achieving Equity

  • If we focus on reaching the poorest 40% of the population, we can save 8M lives by 2020 #MomandBaby
  • Everyone should have a fair opportunity to reach full health potential. @aotc2017 will cover equity for #MomandBaby
  • New national supply chain system in Haiti improves service delivery & access to meds #MomandBaby
  • 100% of women in targeted facilities in Indonesia received life-saving meds to treat pre-eclampsia #MomandBaby
  • Nepal reaches remote areas with health staff who can provide critical family planning services #MomandBaby
  • 5M women in Pakistan were reached with MCH & FP messages, resulting in 41K public facility referrals #MomandBaby
  • Last year, the # of unvaccinated children in low coverage areas of Tanzania was reduced by 75% #MomandBaby

Theme 3: Building Resilience

  • Building strong health systems will help reach the most vulnerable w/ life-saving health services #MomandBaby
  • By strengthening health systems, we can save 5.6M children & 260K women by 2020 #MomandBaby
  • Due to improved health systems in Mali, facility stock-outs decreased from 85% in 2011 to 28% in 2016 #MomandBaby
  • From 2015-2016, 700+ health workers in Nigeria were trained in emergency obstetric & newborn care #MomandBaby
  • Senegal est. emergency transport systems for women w/ birth complications in over 900 communities #MomandBaby

Theme 4: Effective Financing

  • Health financing makes health services more affordable & accessible to #MomandBaby, no matter where they live
  • New tool in Afghanistan helps govt. make more informed, evidence-based decisions for health spending #MomandBaby
  • Ethiopia supported expansion of community-based health insurance from 6.6M – 11.5M people in 2016 #MomandBaby
  • Last year, India leveraged $6.5M for programs aimed at reaching adolescent girls w/ health clinics #MomandBaby
  • Electronic health insurance system in Rwanda improves access to health services #MomandBaby
  • Uganda is helping to identify & address health spending issues like affordability #MomandBaby

Theme 5: Revolutionizing Information

  • Myanmar’s 1st ever #DHS collected nationwide health data to improve care for #MomandBaby @DHSProgram
  • Liberia helped track health workforce & ensure all staff could deliver quality care to #MomandBaby
  • Nigeria is working to improve health data collection & analysis to better inform health decisions #MomandBaby
  • The DRC rolled out a national health information system to better track progress #MomandBaby

Stats on Maternal and Child Survival

  • It can be done! Treatments & technology are available to prevent millions of deaths of #MomandBaby
  • Educating & empowering women & girls paves the way for healthier families #MomandBaby
  • #Pneumonia is the leading killer of children under 5, causing 1.3m deaths each year #MomandBaby
  • Over 70% of child deaths occur within the first year of life #MomandBaby
  • A concerted push is needed to ensure all #MomandBaby survive no matter where
  • they are
  • Malnutrition is responsible, directly or indirectly, for 45% of deaths among children under five #MomandBaby
  • Improved #breastfeeding could save 1m lives , yet only 39% of babies are exclusively breastfed #MomandBaby
  • #Stunting causes physical and mental damage & occurs when a child has not received enough nutrients #MomandBaby
  • 4 billion people have no access to improved sanitation & 664M lack access to improved water supplys #MomandBaby
  • Children of mothers w/ secondary education or higher are 2x as likely to survive those without. #MomandBaby
  • Healthy children are more likely to stay in school, have fewer kids & be productive members of society #MomandBaby
  • A baby born to a mother under 18 is more likely to suffer from low birthweight & undernutrition #MomandBaby
  • 49% of all births aren’t registered. Without this, a child may not be able to access healthcare & school #MomandBaby

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  1. Save the date! The Governments of Ethiopia and India in collaboration with USAID, UNICEF, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are organizing the 4th Acting on the Call Summit on August 24-25 2017 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This conference will bring together Ministerial delegations from over 25 countries as well as major public and private global stakeholders to discuss how to overcome critical barriers to maternal and child survival. Hundreds of participants, including 30 Marketplace exhibitors, will gather to craft impactful solutions for today’s challenges in women’s and children’s health. #aotc2017
  1. Our commitment to maternal and child survival has reached an important milestone. At the upcoming Acting on the Call Summit, we will highlight successful approaches to increasing the use of high-impact reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health interventions. We are excited by our progress to date, but we have much more to do. Find out more: #aotc2017
  1. 18,000 more children and 650 more mothers will survive today than each day in 1990. This is good, but we can do much better. Share this post to show your support for children and mothers’ survival! #aotc2017
  1. Children of mothers with secondary education or higher are more likely to survive beyond age 5 than those without. Education for girls is a key aspect of our commitment to child survival. #aotc2017
  1. Improved breastfeeding practices could prevent over 823,000 child deaths and 20,000 maternal deaths each year, yet only 39% of children under-6 months old were exclusively breastfed in 2011. #aotc2017
  1. Decreasing child mortality and improving maternal health depend heavily on reducing malnutrition. Malnutrition is responsible, directly or indirectly, for 45% of deaths among children under five. #aotc2017
  1. Around the globe, 663 million people worldwide lack access to improved drinking water and 2.4 billion lack access to improved sanitation facilities, resulting in 3,000 children who die every day. Water, sanitation and hygiene are key parts of maternal and child survival. #aotc2017
  1. Girls who marry early through a child marriage often have to abandon education and may become pregnant. If a mother is under 18, the risk of her baby dying is 50% greater. Decreasing child marriage is a major aspect of our commitment to child survival #aotc2017
  1. Around half of all births worldwide are not registered. Without a birth certificate, a child may not be able to access vital healthcare and education, therefore decreasing their chance of surviving and thriving. Children’s early years are at stake if their protection is not guaranteed, which is why child protection is an important part of our commitment to ending the preventable deaths of children under 5. #aotc2017


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