March 3, 2016

2015 Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard

Written by Ruta Aidis, Julie Weeks and Katrin Anacker

Cover of report, includes title and Dell logo

While there is general consensus that women are critical to our economic future, there is insufficient data to fully understand the challenges limiting the growth of women entrepreneurs and identify opportunities for improvement. Dell has commissioned this ongoing research study to address some of the information gaps and evaluate the relative conditions for high-growth female entrepreneurs across the globe. The insights we gleaned over the past two years helped to raise awareness and demonstrated that even in highly-developed countries such as the United States and Sweden, gender impediments persist.

This year, we re-scoped the framework to establish a new Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard to build on that research to move beyond awareness and to dig deeper into why we were seeing the results we were seeing and to go one step further by suggesting actions countries can take to foster high-impact female entrepreneurs, based on the innovative and successful initiatives many countries are already embarking on. With a majority of the 31 countries measured in this year’s report achieving less than 50 of the 100 possible points on the Scorecard, there is still significant improvement needed to fully realize the growth potential of women-owned businesses. Countries must take bigger steps forward to secure the future of their economies. 

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